Monday, September 21, 2009

For my wife, an Arum

This is a piece I began over two years ago. It is a favourite flower of Mel's and so it is for my wife, Melanie, who has to put up with all of my rough edges. Thanks for being there these last 11 years! Today at last, it is complete.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Power in Grace (350 x 350mm) Original Oil

A Kudu bull,

Inspired, stands.

In perfect harmony.

Power in grace,

On spiraled spendour.

Grey ghost of Africa.

What need is there to search and toil

For what you have already found.


Monday, July 27, 2009

The Wanderer (915 x 610mm) Original Oil

A lone gull rides the storm winds of early dawn. The crashing waves on a black rocky coastline spray out above the roar to play with its widespread wings. Here in solitude, the gulls enjoys a freedom from the flock and adventures born on winds of change

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Homeward Bound (1000 x 750mm) Original Oil

The sky is mine, homeward bound, from darkness into crisp clear light.
Feathers with one purpose, freedom from that night.

I am alive, so much to do, energy now wells within me.
My wings beat strong and fast, I’m homeward bound at last.

Up, up into that sky so blue, confidence is mine, confusion left behind in darkness.
Stop me if you can, I’m homeward bound.

In easy rhythm, now alone, Ah, the silence of my beating wings, where I belong, in skies of glorious splendor.
This is life, to be free, I’m homeward bound.

The eagle stoops, the falcon tries, his best, but today I’m in charge.
The wind on my tail, an easy yoke, as time passes by in ecstacy.
I’m homeward bound.

Storms on the horizon of a setting sun.
Flying high, and through those clouds I spy, the object of my desire.
As clear and simple as it appears, my home nears, my friend awaits.
I see him now, his call, my love.
I’m homeward bound.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Eagle That Soars Into A Blue Sky. (750 x 500mm) Original Oil

“Dawn, a new day, a new beginning filled with both life and death, success and disaster, joy and pain. The warmth of the sun brushes away angry storm clouds illuminating this world in a fresh clean light. A mother elephant and her calf make their way to the river, now flowing with last nights fall, in the endless sky washed clean, a martial eagle circles lazily and calls her mate."

My inspiration for this, my first oil came from the following piece of text:

Even if, bright as a flash of lightening,
Death were to strike you today,
Be prepared to die without sorrow
Or regret, giving up attachment to
What you are leaving behind
Without ever ceasing to recognize
The authentic view of the real,
Leave this life like the eagle
That soars into the blue sky.