Sunday, July 26, 2009

Homeward Bound (1000 x 750mm) Original Oil

The sky is mine, homeward bound, from darkness into crisp clear light.
Feathers with one purpose, freedom from that night.

I am alive, so much to do, energy now wells within me.
My wings beat strong and fast, I’m homeward bound at last.

Up, up into that sky so blue, confidence is mine, confusion left behind in darkness.
Stop me if you can, I’m homeward bound.

In easy rhythm, now alone, Ah, the silence of my beating wings, where I belong, in skies of glorious splendor.
This is life, to be free, I’m homeward bound.

The eagle stoops, the falcon tries, his best, but today I’m in charge.
The wind on my tail, an easy yoke, as time passes by in ecstacy.
I’m homeward bound.

Storms on the horizon of a setting sun.
Flying high, and through those clouds I spy, the object of my desire.
As clear and simple as it appears, my home nears, my friend awaits.
I see him now, his call, my love.
I’m homeward bound.


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